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Artificial Intelligence
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 I use data, psychology, & neuroscience to build ​software products that improve the quality of our lives.

Iterative Problem-Solving: Build & Launch MVPs Using Lean Methodology

User-Centric Design: Drive Product Adoption Through Customer Empathy

Data-Driven Decision Making: Implement OKRs & KPIs for Measurable Outcomes

Strategic Innovation: Achieve Product-Market Fit Through Continuous Iteration

I elevate startup culture ​& product teams by ​fostering curiosity, active ​listening, and passionate ​collaboration, creating ​an environment where ​team members are ​empowered to share ​ideas and drive ​meaningful innovation.

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With a deep commitment to ​empathy-driven design, I've ​pioneered a product ​methodology that prioritizes ​user needs, limitations, and ​challenges in development. ​This approach has led to ​clinically significant ​outcomes for patients and ​healthcare providers.

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Product Leader

Innovative AI Integration Expert

Proven track record for integrating AI ​technologies, including Large Language ​Models and symbolic AI, into healthcare and ​pharmaceutical workflows, significantly ​enhancing efficiency in medical writing, ​regulatory submissions, and business ​intelligence.

Digital Health Product Visionary:

Extensive experience in developing and ​launching FDA-approved digital therapeutics, ​remote monitoring systems, and AI-powered ​health applications, driving improved patient ​outcomes and operational efficiencies across ​the healthcare ecosystem.

Cross-functional Leader in Life ​Sciences:

Demonstrated ability to lead multidisciplinary ​teams in creating user-centric products that ​bridge the gap between complex clinical ​requirements and intuitive digital experiences, ​resulting in increased adoption rates and ​measurable improvements in patient care.

Suketu Patel - Research -


Patel, S.C., & Fan, J. (2023). Identification and Description of Emotions by Current Large ​Language Models. bioRxiv. [Semantic Scholar]

Patel, Suketu. “Morality and Numerosity: A Pragmatic Basis for Rational and Logical ​Cognition.” Pragmatism and the Brain Conference, University of North Carolina Asheville, NC, ​USA. 2 June. 2016. Talk and Presentation.

Patel, Suketu. “An Evolutionary Based Mathematical Model for Consciousness.” ASSC 16. ​Association of the Scientific Study of Consciousness. Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, ​University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. 5 July. 2012. Poster presentation. Page 132

Neurscience & AI Graduate Student

2021 - Now

I’m a graduate student at ​CUNY Queens College, ​studying neuroscience, ​cognitive science, and AI.

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