Disrupt and Evolve

Patient-Provider-Pharma-Insurer Relationship


Product Development

Our methodology is value-based that aims to meet needs, satisfy desires, or overcome limitations of customers, clients, patients, and product users.

Our Philosophy

Is rooted in efficient communication for transparent knowledge transfer and flexible collaboration with engineers, designers, SME’s, and clients.

Patient Satisfaction

Evidence Based
Market research will be the validation that will unify all the moving pieces. Primary and secondary research from physicians, HCP’s, and patients along with prescription and treatment plan adherence is used to support strategic decisions.
  • Product Experience Goals
    Product Experience Goals
  • Research Methodology
    Research Methodology
    Studies are designed to investigate how rational behavior intersects with the emotional or social concepts of empathy, praise, and recognition. These social motivation drivers chronicle the idiosyncrasies posed by semantic aversions or attractions. A thorough understanding creates innovative strategy by gradually drifting beyond 'best practices'.
  • Interface: Swiss-Army Functionality and Seamless Engagement
    Interface: Swiss-Army Functionality and Seamless Engagement
    The intricate relationship that users and patients have with technology products involve information transfer, physical/emotional consolation, and community involvement. My methodology for developing stellar products aims to foster trust and develop a comfort level with platforms. Whether it is interfacing with devices, websites, apps, or using any wellness product, the end user is looking for satisfaction.

Core Competencies:  Product Development, Marketing Strategy, Presentation to Stakeholders, Account Management, Project Management, Operations Management,, Digital Analytics, Information Architecture and User Experience Design (IA/UX), Employee Training and Mentoring, Business Development, Brand Management, Customer Service & Support SOP’s, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Survey Methodology

Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind